Assets All Risks Insurance

From customised machinery to electronic equipment, your business assets play a vital role in the success of your operations. Our Assets All Risk insurance provides protection for business property that is accidentally physically lost, destroyed or damaged by anything other than excluded causes. This means that you’re covered for almost every eventuality, including against the perils of fire, storm, burst pipes, floods, impact (by any road vehicles, horses or cattle), explosion, earthquake, aircraft, non-political riot and malicious damage


(As defined) including new premises and buildings in the course of alteration and repair and additions thereto, and occupied as commercial, non-commercial, residential or for any other purpose, including structures, foundations, walls, gates, posts, fences, roadways, parking areas; plant and machinery (as defined)

All Contents

(As defined); stock and materials in trade (as defined); fixed or moveable glass, cash, articles of fine art, documents, bowling greens, tennis courts, outdoor entertainment areas, landscaped gardens, money, spare parts, fuel, electronic data processing equipment, office contents and machines, media and any other property for which the Insured may have assumed responsibility

Business interruption

Including gross profit, gross revenue, wages and salaries, gross rentals, additional expenditure, contingent business interruption including suppliers’ and customers’ premises, prevention of access extension, failure of public supply, reinstatement of data costs, increased cost of working and claim preparation costs.

Accident Classes included

  • Burglary – SI based on a limit of liability
  • Money – SI based on maximum amount held
  • Goods in transit – Based on annual carry and limit any one load
  • Goods in transit – Based on annual carry and limit any one load
  • Accidental Damage to glass and office equipment and Employees Personal effects
  • All risks to cover items normally carried on the person such as laptops and cellphones
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