Student Plan

Student Plans

We offer affordable student medical aid cover on and off site during every academic year. First Mutual has customized a health plan for students and some of the basic benefits offered under this customized health plan will be associated with services provided by the student health centre.

  • Student General
  • Student Private


Medical Benefits

All plans ensure students get off and on-site cover for essential health care at government and private facilities. These include; Hospitalisation, Drugs, Pathology, Specialised Radiology, Dental, Optical, Pathology & Rehabilitative Services.

Immediate Benefits

Student accounts with 10-49 members from inception enjoy immediate access to General Practitioners and Pharmacies without any waiting periods. Institutions with over 50 members from inception enjoy further immediate cover for admission or treatment at a hospital, MRI, CT Scans and nuclear medicine.

Value Added Benefits

Over and above the medical cover, students get the following benefits:

  • Free Funeral Cover
  • 1st Care Wellness Benefits
  • Membership continuation after graduation without waiting periods

General Waiting Periods

  • Admission or treatment at a hospital (in-hospital)
  • Dental treatment
  • Upgrading to a higher plan
  • MRI, CT Scans and nuclear medicine

First Mutual Health has extended its services to current members and non-members who have children studying in South Africa and need medical aid cover through a partnership with Momentum Health (SA). The partnership came as result of a gap in the market for medical insurance for Zimbabwean students studying in South Africa to address this need and cater for our First Mutual Health members who need this cover as well as other members of the public, as a stipulated visa application requirement. Download Form and Submit to a First Mutual Health Office near you.

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