Risk Management

Risk Management

Baseline Risk Assessments

This is the assessment of a specific exposure, as required by the client. For example, a client may require an analysis of the adequacy of the existing firefighting systems. This may arise at the instigation of the Factories Inspectorate, or management having identified some shortcomings in the existing systems.

Underwriting Survey and Maximum Possible Loss

This survey is aimed at collecting underwriting information, to be used for insurance purposes. The information includes production processes, attendant risks, and the determination of the worst possible loss that can possibly occur at a premises.
Post Loss Assessments
This is conducted after a loss at the client’s premises. The aim of this is two fold:

  • To understand the circumstances leading to the loss, and thereby recommend possible ways to minimize chances of similar occurrences.
  • To update the insurer/reinsurer of circumstances around the loss, so that the claim can be expedited in a timely manner.
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