First Mutual Microfinance (Private) Limited (“FMM”) is a registered micro lending institution under the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe and offers short-term and medium-term financing solutions to individuals, organised groups and corporates. The product portfolio is designed to meet borrowers with various risk profiles thereby meeting the different and unique client needs. Our business development team provides in-depth research that allows us to identify client funding needs whilst also employing a rigorous risk management framework to minimise credit risk.

Individual Lending Products

Salary Based

Short-term loans with tenures of up to 36 months to smoothen individual client’s expenditure. Product offered through deduction at source arrangement with employers Employers include but are not limited to Private Corporates AND Quasi- government organizations such Salary Services Bureau (Civil Servants), Zimbabwe National Army and Universities Loans secured against employee terminal benefits

Micro Mortgage

Loans for purchasing of stands and building houses in towns and growth points outside of major cities. Targeted at civil servants, Land acquired through partnerships with rural and town councils, Land development in partnership with First Mutual Properties, Loan tenures up to 60 months, Loans by registered mortgage bond.

SME and Corporate Lending Products

Asset Financing

Targeted at SMEs and individuals and include assets such as vehicles, machinery and equipment. Loans secured against underlying assets which are comprehensively insured.

Working Capital financing

Targeted at Small to Medium Enterprises (“SMEs”). Short term loans of up to 24 months to meet clients working capital needs Includes invoice discounting Secured through insurance, underlying products and immovable property.

Value chain financing

Targeted at the agricultural sector i.e. sugar cane, horticulture and pen fattening Short term loans of up to 12 months. Funds channelled directly to value chain players who provide inputs for clients’ businesses. Loan repayments done through off takers by way of deduction at source arrangements. Loans secured by underlying crops/animals which are closely monitored through agronomists and insured against natural disasters.


Quick loan turnaround times of up to 72 hours

Wide distribution channel

Use of technology in the loan application, credit risk review and loan disbursement processes

Efficient loan administration system in place

Interest And Other Charges

Our products are priced in a competitive manner using the cost-plus basis and taking into account individual client credit risk profile. As the microfinance business unit is the group vehicle for driving its financial inclusion strategy, interest rates and charges are designed to make the products attractive to the targeted markets.


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